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A little note from Áine:

In 2017, Mark Stanley (my creative partner in crime) and I went to Ireland to record my second album, RETURN TO THE SEA. My first album had been recorded and filmed across the desert of Australia and we always though a trip home to Ireland would be the best follow up. Thanks to Creative Victoria and Spaceships UK for their help, we were able to bring film Maker, Vicki Rose Evans with us. She joined us on the journey and captured it all through her stunning lens in this documentary called WADING INTO THE SEA. Vicki has an incredible eye, sense of story and a deep friendship with both Mark and myself which makes this documentary as personal to the songwriting and us as artists as you can possibly get. She's a rare gem our Vicki.

Each CD comes with this private link to watch and download the Documentary yourself so you too can feel the land where we traveled and the spirit in which all the songs were collected along our way.

Feel free to leave Vicki, Mark and I any comments below as well.

All our love from the sea,

Áine, Vicki and Mark

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