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love your co-founding witches, Mandy and Áine

Its 2020, and if you aren’t doing something that you would have been burnt for 400 years ago, then you’re not trying hard enough! ” - Your Founding Witches

Historically, difficult women of strength have been outlawed and called witches. That's been the fate of ordinary women with extraordinary voices, women like singer/songwriter & activist Áine Tyrrell and comedian, writer & provocateur  Mandy Nolan.

These two dialogue disruptors have created an unlikely collaboration: a re-imagining of the iconic Australian Country Women's Assocation ... The CWA in these two women's hands becomes the Country Witches Association. The Country Witches Association however is an anarchic melting pot of politics, comedy and song - a dis-organisation that brings the disparate and dispossessed women together, to share in the camaraderie of conversations that just aren’t brought to the boil enough.

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