Write To Rise - Decolonising Songwriting Workshop

Mullumbimby, NSW

Áine Tyrrell has built her international music career by thinking outside the box and saying it how it is.

In this workshop Áine will help work with you to decolonise from the structures of industry, patriarchy, and colony that keeps us from taking up space in music spaces. Write in defiance of the silencing of your own truths. Songwriting is a powerful way to speak to the hard truths of ancestral pasts and the beauty and hope in the futures. Share some of Áine's processes in how she unveils some of these hidden conversations and rises strong in hope. No matter what level of songwriter, by the end of the workshop she will empower you to write something that needs to come out.

Something that is stuck in your own craw about being a human in a world suffering from the effects of Colonisation.