'Write To Rise' Songwriting Workshop At Your Kitchen Table

On Crowdcast from my sitting room to yours, Wherever you are

Due to Current situation, we are adapting with the times for KITCHEN TABLE ROUND 1 3 x 1.5 hour Crowdcast sessions starting April 1st! Once I have an interested group, we will set the times. We are going to write songs from YOUR kitchen table to MINE. We will be zoomed in online to each other over 3 sessions. I know it is not ideal, but that is where we are all having to create from. So let's make the most of the time and get creative! Let's bring all our kitchen tables and song ideas together magically through the internet! 📜 Áine will share her approaches in this intimate online session and show you some of examples of how songs can come just like this around a kitchen table. We also get to workshop your ideas and songs as well in a small group setting. We will all share a home-cooked meal together VIRTUALLY around our owns tables with cups of teas and laughs too.

This is supportive place to share for all levels of songwriters from teen girls through to any age woman. This is a songwriting class to give all women all the permissions and the rights to hold the pen and express themselves through songwriting.

"Women's stories and voices are finally being heard, believed, and are a changing force in the foundations of what we know as society and culture. Yet 12.3 percent of songwriters of the 600 most popular songs of the last six years were written by women. Expressing the things we can not express through words can be a form of therapy not only for each woman in the workshops personally as she develops her songwriting skills, but for the community as the song is sung out" - Áine Tyrrell

"I had the great pleasure of partaking in Áine Tyrrell’s Write to Rise. I have been writing songs for 20 years but it is only in the last 12 months that I have shared my songs. I wanted to do this workshop to soak in whatever inspiration I could to develop my skills as a song-writer. I was both inspired and empowered by the day working with Áine. She gave participants a few practical strategies and tips about the technical side of song-writing, but without doubt the driving theme of the workshop was to be brave and trust yourself. What she offered was absolute and unequivocal encouragement to trust my intuition and to make the music that makes my heart sing. This was absolutely the message that I needed to receive, more than technical notes and principles of composition." - Write To Rise participant Mariam Seeney from 2019

Sunday March 29th 12-4 Includes a home-cooked lunch In a lovely home!

Address of the House given on booking