Áine Tyrrell at Shearers Shindig

Thargomindah, Queensland

Sheep shearing is the most iconic trade in rural Australia with every shearer's ability measured by the number of sheep they can shear in a day! 🐑🐑 The legend continues at the Channel Country Quick Shears Shindig! 🎸🐑🤠 From one party to the next! Head over from Music In The Mulga straight to the Channel Country Quick Shears Shindig in Thargomindah from 21 - 25 May. This regional event captures the essence of the Outback with comedy😂 country music🎸 rock music🥁 folk music🎻 trivia challenge 🤔 pig racing 🐷🐖and then the grand finale......Quick Shears!🐑🐑 You'll get to enjoy Kilcowera Station, Hungerford Royal Mail Hotel and Noccundra Hotel all in one week, with full entertainment, meals and the company of the most authentic, down-to-earth country people. We can't wait to meet you! 🤝 Shout it out to everyone because we want you to discover our little corner of the Outback!📢📢 Photo Credit: Andrew Hughes Photography Shearer: Bomber Dare in his day Jackie Dare Tiffany Dare Tennessee Lights Noah's Thoroughbred Racing Pigs Mandy Nolan Adam Kilpatrick Áine Tyrrell Dogga Dare Joel Andrew Selmes Kilcowera Station Noccundra Hotel Hungerford Sports Assocation Inc