Lessons From The Road

What a journey....
I wanted to bring ye all on that journey with us, but that's not possible so instead we brought a film crew. And wehat we captured we have decided to give you as a little bonus with the CD. Win-win. We get to share and you get to be with us. I didn't want to go into a stuffy recroding studio, I wanted to record in places that made my heart sing. So we took my bus, my fragile heart and we went to the desert. And what reflected on our journey were micro lessons for life...  we followed the road. We trusted in the universe and let the Road guide us. It is amazing what happens when you really let go and let the universe guide you. Here is episode I... "The Universe Provides".

‎Lessons From The Road‬ II from the 'Making of the Queen Of Swords' is all about trusting that little voice inside. We had no plan or itinerary for our trip into the desert to record this album. All we had was a pact between all of us that we would stay if it felt right and move on if it didn't. It was truly a lesson for the road but one that echoes through life... in the good and bad hold on to what you have.. that little voice... that's all we have, our heart speaking to us. And its our choice to listen...

There were times on this road trip where I wanted to give up and there are times in life where I still do want to give up... but we forged on and continue to forge on. This day we forged on in honour of my stepsister Natale Ferragut Mogensen knowing life is unfair, but knowing that there was nothing I could do from so far away.  We lost Natale to the battle of Cancer where cancer won. She was a warrior and one of those beautiful hearts that the world sorely misses. I wanted to turn the bus around when we got the news, I wanted to retreat to the pain and sorrow of it. But my mum, stepdad and ever so wise producer all urged me to continue on in her honour and do what I can do to offer some beauty into the world in place of the pain that was coming from this. And so we did, we kept searching for magic through the darkness and suffering that is real life. With her heart, my heart, and the road ahead we kept on looking for light even in the darkest of caves! Real caves. We listened and she must have been guiding us somehow as well... because we found it....

The album has been dedicated to these hearts from far away that remind us to listen to our own hearts.... two divine souls that were taken far too soon Natale Ferragut Mogenson and Liamóg Tyrrell. And to the many many more hearts that we continue to lose far too soon. Life is such a torturous mix of beauty and pain.

Today and everyday in their honours... keep tuning in and listen because there are messages coming all the time from everywhere.. it's our job to listen and trust what we hear. Go on, I dare you!

And please feel free to make a dedication to someone today. Who will you bring some beauty in the world in honour of??


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