Write a good one for 2014!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley

Hello all on the eve of New Year's Eve in Australia I feel the need to recap the amazing year that I have experienced and much to the thanks of all you amazing people who are reading this email right now.  I also feel the need to let you get excited with me about what 2014 will hold and give you a glimpse at the pages that might fill this story for next year!

So first things first... TEN of Last year's pages... the amazing moments of 2013. This time last year I was still sitting at home contemplating playing music in Australia.  I had a list of reasons why I shouldn't take that step... I don't know the music scene in Australia, I have 3 kids I can't do this, I haven't played live in years, I have no guitar here... But I dipped my toe in scared as hell and I am so thankful for what the universe provided me in turn...

1) Meeting so many of you amazing listeneres at gigs or listening online...you have made my little world!! Sharing your little stories with me at gigs, your amazing emails with anectdotes or requests, or your little thoughtful gifts have been the highlight of this adventure and from the bottom of my heart thank you!
Exhibit A (some beautiful friends got the words of my song 'What's For You Won't Pass You By" engraved for me:
2) The amazing group of musicians I have met (and re-met) this year and have had the pleasure of sharing stages with... From a beautiful Irish soul sister I had the pleasure of meeting in Australia to reconnecting with some Irish musos friends from years ago, to the amazing community of Australian musicians who have welcomed me in with the most welcoming of arms.  I have shared stages with not only the finest musicians but the finest human beings this year and have made some lifelong friendships. Blessed!
Exhibit B Singing with Clare Bowditch (click to go to youtube clip):

3) Finding amazing little venues tucked in the middle of places you would never expect... When the magic happens... it really happens!
Exhibit C: One such gig in Perth at Kidogo Art Gallery (click for video).
4) Touring with my Dad, Seán Tyrrell, after years of not playing together was amazing! We got to share some magic moments on stage as well as the imparting of many little bits of wisdom from years of touring that Dad passed on was nothing short of genius. Love my dad and hold that memory of tour very dear. Also the opportunity to visit WA, NSW, and TAS was just amazing and thank you all for hosting us so amazingly in your towns and cities along the way.
Exhibit D: Me and the ould man!
5) The most amazing fun we had shooting a video... a promotional video we shot at Salt Gallery in Queenscliff.... thank you all that particpated by coming along on the night and special thanks to all that shared it online as we have reached over 1,000 views! Special!
Exhibit E: The vid (click pic to go to link)
6) Being nominated for my first award here in Australia was a definite honour. In the category of 'Female Artist of the Year' by Torrent This. Thank you.
Exhibit F: Torrent This Interview (click pic to go to vid)

7) The Blessing Tree at the Celtic Festival was a beautiful way to connect with all of ye... and reading all the blessings you shouted out to loved ones near and far was just very special. I have great plans to incorporate into pending album! Can't wait... and you will all be happy to know that it served as our family christmas tree this year!
Exhibit G: The Blessing Tree8) The #Nohumbug 25 Day Random Acts of Christmas Kindness that my family and I embarked on through my Instagram account @aine_tyrrell brought much more joy to our family than I ever could have imagined. We gave out free icey poles on hot days, we saved water, we fed apples to horses, we did beach cleanups, but the lessons and life that it brought to our lives far outweighed all we did. There are great plans for #Nohumbug 2014 which is about to grow a lot bigger than my family... one reason to get excited for Christmas next year already!
Exhibit H: A #nohumbug beach clean up at Ocean Grove Main Beach. 9) A little side adventure project I have been embarking on... called Tin Whistle Bombing. Bringing tin whistle tunes to the unsuspecting public. Still looking for more places to Tin Whistle Bomb so email me... I will come armed with whistles!
Exhibit I: Tin Whistle Bombing a local nursing home with some school children (click on pic for vid)
10) Just waking every moment and living by either my Nana's quote above... 'What's for you Won't Pass you By"... or... by this motto has been my inspiration this year....
Exhibit J:- Howard Thurman

So NOW... What will we find on next year's pages... the amazing moments of 2014? Only a fortune teller could reveal that... but... I do have some things to share.
1) Gigs: Upcoming Gigs (check gig page) for Victoria, Australia.... BUT STAY TUNED TO facebook as will be announcing an online CONCERT WINDOW gig again after the raging success of the first one!

2) I am at present videoing some Cavaquinho (my cute little 4 string Brazilian instrument) covers from my hammock in my back garden! These are aptly named the Hammock Sessions... and I am taking requests for covers! Have already done a Spanish Christmas number here... enjoy and email me with requests! I will give it a go for sure!3) Now if you have read this long... bless your cotton socks!! And here is the NEWS! Now that I have dipped my toe and survived 2013, I am jumping the hell right into 2014! I have been waiting for the cards to line up before I go into record my debut album... waiting on perfection... waiting for all the same excuses I waited to play here in Australia... but I wait NOT another day... I stop waiting... I decided to be the maker of my dream and I have in 2 weeks made some SERIOUS progress into this impending album that you will have in your hands in 2014.... this I PROMISE!  The exciting part about it all is yet to come... Just letting you know there will be some exciting ways for you all to get involved and I hope to be sending out those ways in the next email newsletter... so please... watch this space and the facebook space and get excited to start #spreadinggypsylove!

LOOK OUT 2014... I am about to write the most beautiful pages in this upcoming year's book! Join me and do the same!
Look forward to seeing ye all in the New Year, keep emailing and commenting... I love it! And keep shining and #spreadingyourgypsylove!

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