My idea of bliss.... to surf, do some yoga, and then eat some honest clean food!  Well the women at SurfLifeYoga must be reading my mind... cause they got it all in one! This is such a beautifully energising and yet relaxing way to spend a day!

The surfing is taugh by two of Victoria's most high performance surfers, Jade Oglivie and Shayleigh Chapman.  Between the two of them they have more titles than Kelly Slater.  Not only are the highly skilled surfers, but they are wonderfully proactive coaches making sure that everyone achieves their goal for the day.... whether that is to stand up, or to get out the back a bit further. 

The yoga is run by one of Kyo Yoga's most passionate yoga teachers.  Rache has an amazing ability to link your yoga practice to not only the beach and the surf, but also the seasons and the moons.  She always leaves you with a nugget of inspiration to think about for your week.  If that wasn't enough to convince you, the yoga studio overlooks Ocean Grove Main beach linking the surf with your yoga practice in a very visual way as well.

Not only will your soul be fed, but your bellies as well!  The treats... vegan, raw and delicious, what more could you ask for!?

So... Get on board, get a group of girls and get down to Ocean Grove... get your surflifeyoga on!  Follow them on Facebook.

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