Spreading Green Love

Lá Fheile Padhraig Sona Duit!

What a lovely weekend of playing music around the Surfcoast! Got to hear some great music down in Airey's Inlet, amazing Irish bands at both the Geelong Irish Society Ball and then topped off with the Fishmongers playing at St Patrick's Festival.  I was honoured to be a part of all the events and bring a bit of Irishness to the line ups! Nothing as green as an Irish lass abroad!! haa! Green smoothies and Green tinted glasses made for the greenest Paddy's day I have ever tasted or seen!

Met lots of new Irish people along the way, lovely to hear all the accents out in force and connect with all of ye who are out and about living it up in Australia... and met lots of generations back Irish people and heard some wonderful stories of emigration.  Hands down the most lovely lady I got to meet was lovely June whose mother emigrated her many years ago and she had lots of stories of both Ireland, growing up with an Irish mammy in Australia, and her own love story.  Thank you June and I look forward to the parcel...

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