Fringe Festival

Just reporting back on the sweet sounds from last week's Fringe Festival, Drysdale. 

The festival started off with a children's performance, which was very entertaining.  Especially fantastic was a young boy on a ukelele, lovely sound!  We then performed our first set with a break for some more performances.  We took to the stage to complete the night with a few Irish songs including a set of tunes, which went down very well.  Lots of people getting their Irish dancing on!  The night ended with me joining Tara Lynch(guitar) and Alessia (harmonica) for some lively covers.  Alessia is a very talented harmonica player adding a lovely flavour to the songs!

Check out short clip of Matisse rocking the solo on Young Man.

Matisse and I found the festival to be a great opportunity to play live for "real" people and we can't wait to keep spreading the sweet sounds! Thanks to the Rawlson's for the wonderful night and having us join you all.  Thanks for all the support all of the listeners gave us and the great feedback we received.
love and light.

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