10 things you may not know about me...

10 facts you may not know or care to know about me…. but I will tell you anyways!

1) I love surfing- the cold waves of Ireland to the turquoise ones of Australia.

2) I have 3 smallies. They are crazy, they are cute, and noisy!

3) I started my adventures in music on the flute.

4) I run, jump, or yoga everyday. I do like to be fit, but most importantly... it is the only way I get my brain to be quiet!

5) I love to cook, especially vegan delights.

6) I am in love with my blender, a Vitamix... really in love! I am even mentally designing carrying cases for my next tour.. I missed it too much!

7) While we are on the topic of food... how good are tangelos? I do love Australia for their tangelos, mangos, custard apples... oh the list goes on!

8 ) I do sing barefoot... it is my connection, my roots, it keeps me grounded.  And truth be told I get hot feet and that is not to get any hotter on stage than one needs to be!

9) I have the travel bug, always have and I hope I always will.  Next??

10) My favourite places to sing are the shower and the car! Loud and proud!

Share some facts about yourselves... ah go on... you will you will you will ??!!??

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